Legs! Totally legs. Though can we see them with mustard to be sure?

It's the most ubiquitous and annoying summer selfie. The waist-angle pic of a pair of thighs from just south of the crotch down to the knee, with a beautiful view that says, "Look where I am, Facebook aholes!" Hot Dog Legs have become so prevalent on Facebook and Instagram that they threaten to put people off the pork-like food product completely. Now with the tumblr Hot-Dog Legs, it's been turned into a fun game. Guess which legs are real, non-edible human stems, and which are real, slightly-more-edible hot dogs. Here are just a few.


Dogs? But they look like they're getting fatter around the thighs. Is Kielbasa acceptable?


Hot dogs. Dear God, please, let them be hot dogs. Otherwise, get her help.

Sources: Hot Dog Legs on Tumblr