Doctors recommend you don't leave your Advil in the car.

Hace calor, people! It's so hot outside that we are throwing Spanish phrases into our discussions about the weather, because "muy caliente" sounds way hotter than the same words do in English. Sure, English is fine for describing blustery fall days, but for this week, we need some good ol' Español— specifically, the words we can remember from that one Sesame Street song about summer. For those of you who aren't (basically) bilingual like us, these photos do the trick of encapsulating just how hot it is right now. Try not to work up a sweat just from scrolling down.



Poor dog's air-conditioning.


Why would you want to create the extra heat from a candle right now anyway?


Inside: Man with a fan pointed directly at his face.


We said "medium-rare."


It's wagtastically hot on the doggy tongue scale.


Will LA ever get their comeuppance?


The door handle melted off. Lesson: don't leave your dog in the car or go outside ever.


Not as delicious as they look. Just trust us.

Updated 7/3/13:

How hot is it? Hot enough to fry a cookie on a dashboard.

Steering wheels don't taste delicious no matter how long you bake them.

These interwoven candles tried and failed to get away from each other.

Green is go. Yellow is slow. Red is stop. And melted black metal means stay the eff at home.

They were left there for days, to send a message to the other fruit.

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