Nice form, kid. Too bad it's about to get all scrunched up.


Christian Leonard is a very successful Vine person (Viner?) with over 800,000 followers. He really enjoys adding some visual magic to his creations (and revining other similar clips), and he apparently also gets to lead huge concert crowds in call-and-response games. All those accomplishments are just prologue, however, to this Vine he made of a kid trying to jump in a pool and getting intercepted by some sort of magical demigod:

He still nailed that dive.

The vine has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and retweeted by NBC Sports and even Rob Kardashian himself (maybe this will inspire Rob to work out? Get off the sizzurp, buddy. I'm ashamed to admit I'm worried about you). 

He's not the first guy to try some movie editing magic on Vine, but he's the first one to capture the spirit of the season and a common daydream we all had as kids in seven seconds. So congratulations, Christian! You can coast until September.

Next up, can you do one where you're looking out a car window on a family road trip and imagine yourself sprinting along the guardrail? That would pretty much make all my summer daydreams complete.

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