Who made it: Budweiser.

Why you should watch: The puppy is cute, plus you can play the game of "How similar is this to Budweiser's Game Day ad from last year?" (Answer: very.) I might not love these commercials, but everyone else seems to. Best to invest the 1 minute and decide for yourself!


Who made it: Newcastle.

Why you should watch: Anna Kendrick is in it! She acts really bitchy, and it's actually pretty funny.


Who made it: Volkswagen.

Why you should watch: Not the most original ad I've ever seen, but the punchline made me giggle.


Who made it: Oikos.

Why you should watch: It reunites the men of Full House, which might make you feel nostalgic for your childhood. And since it's only 30 seconds long, it will actually probably be shorter than most of your attention spans.


Who made it: Chobani.

Why you should watch: Apparently, this Oikos-eschewing bear wasn't a fan of Full House.


Who made it: Toyota.

Why you should watch: It's a commercial with Terry Crews in it! We like those. Also, muppets! It's a musical! Watch it!


Who made it: Cheerios.

Why you should watch: This is some cheesy shit, but it features the return of everyone's favorite/least favorite interracial family. Yes, that's right! I said "interracial family!" If that upsets you, go comment somewhere else. Your kind isn't wanted here.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)