But segregated prom is a beloved tradition by racists!

A group of teens from Georgia's rural Wilcox County are bravely trying to bring their school into the year 2013 by changing a racist tradition that's been going on for 30 years, ever since the county finally got its act together and integrated schools. Since then, there has been no official school prom, and parents have sponsored separate proms for white and minority students. Somehow-not-brainwashed student Keela Bloodworth called out her backwards neighbors, saying, "It's embarrassing to know that I'm from the county that still does this." We'd imagine so.

The students have started a Facebook page that currently has nearly 1500 likes, presumably from people in crazy liberal states like Louisiana and Alabama. The teens have raised half the money they need for the prom by selling barbeque plates, thus proving even more stereotypes about Georgians are true. We certainly hope they scrape together the other half of the cash and let us know how their little experiment with coexistence goes. Maybe in another century they'll even get to the point where a gay kid can bring a date to integrated prom. Not holding our breath.


Let's hope the segregated proms' posters don't say "Whites Only" and "Coloreds Only."

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