1. She-Ra

(Mattel via Fanpop)


Don't get me wrong, I loved She-Ra growing up. But now that I'm old enough to have boobs and know what high heels feel like after an 8 hour day, I have to admit this outfit doesn't cut it. She should at least have some magical chaps under that skirt for when she rides her trusty unicorn Swift Wind.

2. Wonder Woman

(DC Comics via The Telegraph)

The strapless look is dangerous when the most physical activity you'll be doing is dancing at a wedding. The real wonder here is that Diana Prince never got upgraded to a halter.

3. Batgirl

(DC Comics via Smallville.wikia.com)

We're all being generous by referring to what Batgirl wears as a “utility" belt. I hope the only thing she needs to defeat Gotham's villains is a fashionable buckle.

4. The Invisible Woman

(Marvel Comics via Comics Alliance)

Why does The Invisible Woman need to have perfect hair and makeup? SHE'S INVISIBLE! The idea that anyone with this power would ever comb her hair or use mascara is ridiculous.

5. Hawkgirl

(DC Comics via Comic Book Resource)

Kudos to the animator who thought it was important to class up Hawkgirl with some conservative pearl earrings. We all know how important it is for superheroes to transition seamlessly from crime fighting to cocktail hour at the Cape.

6. Storm

(Marvel Comics)

Storm was hands-down my favorite X-men character growing up, despite the fact that her costume had some major practical flaws. When you fight crime and control the weather you are constantly exposed to two things: blood and water. Maybe all white wasn't a great choice.