He cannot look away from injustice. Literally, he cannot.


Good news, fellow obsessive shut-ins! Two new pictures—supposedly of Ben Affleck in costume as Batman—have arisen from the shadows of the Internet today. We have the black and white one above, and this full-color one below. And, when I say "full color," I mean a "slightly broader range of grey shades" (because, you know, Batman v Superman is gonna be edgy):

Hmmmmmm... How do we feel about this? Well, he doesn't have any visible pop-punk tattoos, so we'll count that as a positive. The Dark Knight does seem to have a thing for textures, doesn't he? And he's also not into the Bat-underwear thing that Bruce Wayne has been wearing since his creation. Both of those seem to be a style choice for the series so far.

Can he turn his neck in that thing? It doesn't look like it. Most of the Batmen couldn't move their necks. It even became a plot point in The Dark Knight. Still, just looking at these photos makes me want a shoulder massage.

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