She kind of looks like a Rescue Rangers chipmunk who has fallen on hard times.

We're on your side, crying wrecking ball. If Miley Cyrus never existed, this would still be a weird tattoo, but it would be a fun weird tattoo. Instead, this is now a tattoo that probably exists solely for the purpose of punishing people who lose bets. The tattoo artist didn't post this to reddit, but he showed up to comment on it after it went up. Apparently he drew it in his book to be funny and to his surprise someone picked it out—probably to be funny, but possibly in a severe fugue state.

Out of everything wrong with this picture, the one thing I can't look away from is her solitary rollerblade. The boot part looks like they should be on one of Robin Hood's merry men. It looks like the cartoonist from Prince Valiant tried to imagine rollerblades before they were ever invented. That rollerblade sucks.

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor scottxhoward (the artist) | redditor rubifx