On the plus side, it looks like she heard his request for a really lame goatee.

Redditor RyanHasWaffleNipples was on vacation with his friend, redditor make_jakin, who is the idiot you see in this photo with the failed/triumphant henna "mustache" tattoo. In what exotic locale did this intellectual titan decide to get such authentic body art, you ask? Ocean City, Maryland. It's still a tourist area, though, and wherever numbskulls gather for vacation, local idiots will sell henna tattoos to gullible tourists. Yes, henna tattoos are a venerable custom with roots in cultures across the ancient world, but they have since spread around the globe to wherever idiots gather, like a vapid virus hiding in a dumb flea riding a stupid rat stowed away on the slow boat to moronland, spreading a plague of meaningless dots across the faces of spring breakers and Madonna alike.

Anyway, the person selling henna tattoos in Maryland couldn't understand English well enough to decipher a very drunk redditor make_jakin (who had apparently started drinking early in the day) as he tried to describe to her what should have been a simple, if stupid, request: a mustache. So, she asked him to write down what he wanted. He did, and he got it. Apparently, this was 6 years ago, so the tattoo has since faded. We can take cormfort, though, in knowing that this incident allegedly occurred on the second day of a week-long vacation, so at least we know that he had 5,000 people at minimum tell him that they "mustache" him a question about his tattoo.

Sources: redditor RyanHasWaffleNipples