Kathryn Bigelow is rumored to be directing the film adaptation.

Drones seem fun when they're not being used to kill people. (via YouTube)

Harrison Howes suffered the modern equivalent of kicking a ball over a neighbor's fence: He lost a drone on a neighbor's roof. He couldn't go up there and get it himself for reasons he couldn't disclose, but which we're going to assume involves highly-classified matters of decade-spawning, inter-neighbor conflict. He couldn't risk just barging in there and grabbing it like he could 10 years ago. He needed to do something more subtle and calculated, so he enlisted the help of his best soldier: another drone.

(If this reads like an allegory for America's Middle East policy, that's because it is.)

Mission Phase 1:

Depart from home base. (via YouTube)

Mission Phase 2:

Set target destination. (via YouTube)

Mission Phase 3:

Locate captive. Deploy fishing wire and coat hanger technology. (via YouTube)

Mission Phase 4:

Lock and load. (via YouTube)

Mission Phase 5:

Return to base. (via YouTube)

Mission Phase 6:

Debrief (on reddit).

Mooooooommmm, I want a drone!

Here's the whole, oddly exhilarating video: