I learned more from this than from any other TED Talk I've ever seen.


We're all sick of TED Talks, but Sam Hyde, a member of the sketch group Million Dollar Extreme, is the most sick of them. As he told Philadelphia Magazine: “I don’t think TED talks are cool. I don’t want it to sound too sanctimonious, but I think [TED talks are] really self-congratulatory."

So when Drexel University held a TEDx symposium (TEDx is sort of the local, not-as-good version of TED Talks), he applied to be a speaker. He claimed to have just returned from Mogadishu, where he trained women to pick up trash and help lower the crime rate. Apparently, no one at Drexel has access to google, because they accepted him. Hyde proceeded to deliver the most bizarrely funny TED Talk of all time—titled "2070 Paradigm Shift"—while dressed in armour and a maroon sweatsuit.

Here are some money quotes:

"The second thing that inspires me are ideas. Ideas are amazing. Ideas are like currency. Ideas are what drives the world. Ideas are what we need to get to the next stage."

"By my calculations, we have five years until the world ends."

"2070. Future. Now. Whaaaat?"

"2070 predictions...sea-floor farming...on the sea floor, you're going to have sea beets, sea yams, sea cabbage. Have you ever had a sea salad? Have you ever had sea cheesy baked potatoes that blew your socks off? Cause you're gonna be. 2070. Coming up."

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