In an interview with Meredith Viera, the former NSYNC member predicted Harry Styles will be the next to leave.

That noise you hear is millions of teenage girls groaning in dread. It's been less than a month since Zayn Malik announced his departure from UK boy band One Direction and broke the Internet's heart. The remaining members are continuing on as a foursome, but how long will that last? Not long, according to someone who should know: former NSYNC member Lance Bass.

Bass knows firsthand what it's like to be in a worldwide smash hit boy band, and what's it's like when a band like that falls apart. In his case, Justin Timberlake's decision to leave was the catalyst that led to the end. As his solo career took off, the band's days were numbered. Now, Bass sees a parallel situation happening with Harry Styles.


Although the end of One Direction would bathe the Earth in tears for months, it seems like an inevitability. Every boy band has a shelf life. Otherwise they would be called man bands. And that would be creepy. Let's hope that One Direction at least has a little while to continue as a four-boy operation, so that its core fan base can age a little, and get some more control over their emotions, before they have to deal with the devastating news. As heartless as I may seem, I don't like it when kids are sad.

Sources: The Meredith Viera Show