"Hello, my name is I-Am-An-Idiot and here's my proof." (via)

Update 3:22 PM: She's been arrested in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Apparently, the "I can't be a terrorist, I'm a white girl" tactic didn't pan out. In addition, she's spawned a copycat threatmaker named @Twerkc***t, although this guy falls more into the category of horrible, racist, awful troll, so don't click on him unless you want to give him attention.


Oh Sarah, thank you for volunteering to be a cautionary example to the next generation of dumb teenagers.

Sarah, a Dutch teen who went by the name @QueenDemetriax_ on Twitter until her account was suspended, thought of, like, a great prank. She decided to make a full-out Al Qaida (sic) threat on a passenger airline on social media in front of everyone. I'm sure someone has thought of it before, but never has everyone else on social media gotten the opportunity to watch a suddenly horrified smartass kid who just got in big trouble try to talk their way out of it. Things became clear quickly when American Airlines very publicly responded to her with a response that made it clear that they knew she was a kid, but that this was really, really annoying for everone:

At this point all of Twitter went "Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo BUS-TED!" (via)

While it was really annoying, it was also probably a pretty satisfying day for whoever runs this social media account. I mean, turning a kid into a laughingstock and police target is easily the most positive interaction an airline Twitter account has all year, since most interactions are "I HATE YOU WHY AM I LATE?!" Things only got better once Sarah figured out how she had sealed her fate and switched back to little kid mode (not to mention throwing her friend under the bus) attempting get out of a having an irritated FBI agent come by her house for a lecture:

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