Representin' the Dirty South (Korea).

Be careful out there, because cameras are everywhere. Too many people still naively believe their every move isn't being recorded, and they're in for a rude awakening. Like these two adorable Korean teens dancing in the street, blissfully unaware that a dash cam mounted on a car full of giggling girls was capturing their every funky move.

The clip looks like the opening scene of a dance movie called Private School Musical, about a boy who gets the cutest girl in his class to go on a date with him by dropping a particularly sweet dance move (00:15), only to have his heart broken when she tells him she's in love with a dropout from the crunky side of the street. That's when our backpack'd hero hatches a plan and challenges the boy to a dance-off. The matter is settled once and for all when he shocks everyone and wins the girl's heart with a sweet Memphis Jookin-meets-ballet routine at the prom. 

Or, they just continued on to class and exchange the occasional text about typical teenage nonsense like who's the biggest bitch in school.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Huffington Post