Study discovers more proof that teens make up things about sex.

How can we be pregnant? I'm bi and Jace is a demi-romantic asexual. (via Thinkstock)

A new study has discovered something peculiar about teenagers; they are weird and confused. Two researchers, Lisa Lindley of George Mason University and Katrina Walsemann of the University of South Carolina, studied data on over 10,000 teenagers in New York City gathered from 3 years worth of surveys issued by the Center for Disease Control.

The survey was meant to find out how teens label their sexuality versus their actual sexual activity. Not surprisingly, Lindley and Wasserman found some discrepancies between what teens say and what they do.

According to a Daily News article on the study, 14.3% of female and 10.8% percent of male students surveyed by the CDC had experienced a pregnancy. However, teens who identified themselves as gay or bisexual were more likely to become pregnant than those who did not. Not only that, but students who reported they had sex with both male and female partners, but did not identify as either gay or bisexual, were also more likely to get pregnant.


The study reveals that teens still operate under a lot of false ideas when it comes to sex. Lindley suggests that all teens need better reproductive services. "Just because someone identifies as gay, you don't know," she tells the Daily News. “We want people not to make assumptions."

Sources: New York Daily News