"That was exciting! Now back to tennis."

Happy Place doesn't cover a lot of tennis, because A) we're not a sports site, and B) aside from a handful of tournament finals, the majority of professional tennis matches are dull as dirt and played by a bunch of people we've never heard of. That said, when something truly exciting happens, like a ball girl making a gutsy play on a runaway plastic bag at the U.S. Open, consider us your go-to source for full coverage.

Even the announcers sound thrilled that something has broken the monotony of watching two attractive millionaires bat a ball back and forth over a net. The play-by-play gal tries to over-sell the interruption with a heavy dose of hyperbole. "It's a huge bag," she says. "You could go shopping tomorrow for the week with this thing." It's a plastic bag. Calm down. Still, nice play by the ball girl, who executed the second-most exciting play of the tournament so far, after Alec Baldwin's epic stray ball catch.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Deadspin