Image via Nick Starr's Facebook cover photo, updated 20 hours ago. 

Well this is a sign of fun times to come.

A man named Nick Starr, described by Valleywag as a "Seattle IT drone," went to dinner a little over a week ago at Seattle's Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge. Starr was wearing his Google Glass, the off-putting face computer that lets you covertly photograph and broadcast everything in your sightline without even lifting your hands. In techlands like Seattle, Google Glass is becoming more ubiquitous, leading eateries and other public establishments to require customers to stow the creepy eyewear and sit and eat like a human who can manage to be present for five minutes. 

Starr apparently butted heads with Lost Lake Cafe when the restaurant's manager asked that this grown man please remove the toy from his face while on their premises. According to the Facebook rant Starr posted after the incident, the manager informed him that the owner's other restaurant, 5 Point Cafe, had banned Glass from its premises, and that he would have to remove the eyewear while dining at Lost Lake as well. Starr chose to leave instead.

All well and good. If you won't eat anywhere that won't allow you to use your eyeballs to dick around online while having dinner, that's a private matter between you and your personality. Except Starr didn't leave it at that. He went home and wrote about the incident on Facebook in a post that not only treated the incident like a civil rights issue, but concluded with a call for income to be deducted from the manager's pay, "or her termination."

Starr's full Facebook post is below:

So this is what we're in for? People calling for other people to lose their jobs if they won't let them wear a camera on their face? I've been in the company of people wearing Google Glass, and it's about as disconcerting as hanging out with someone who insists on holding their phone in the air and aiming it at your face all evening long. Sorry that society hasn't caught up to the dystopian future you're trying to rush into being, but no one cares if you want to play with your skull computer.

Starr's post quickly spread across the web with lots of bile being sent his way, but Starr is standing strong, going so far as to change his Facebook cover photo to a Google Glass closeup pic (at top). He clearly loves his toy, and he's not going to bend to people who don't realize how important his face-sweat drenched gadget is to him. One day he will surely be recognized as a civil rights hero by socially challenged gadget enthusiasts everywhere.

(by Bob Powers

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