by Dan Abromowitz


Taylor Swift just dropped "Welcome To New York," the opening track off the forthcoming 1989 and a pop ode to New York City. In an introductory video, Swift described the meaning the song has for her: "The inspiration that I found in that city is kind of hard to describe." But New York's presence is unmistakable in the song, with lyrics mentioning apartments, the "Village," and bright lights.

Listening to "Welcome to New York," I was so caught up with pride for my adopted hometown that I started scribbling lyrics myself. Soon enough, I found I'd written a celebratory anthem to New York that I think is on par with Ms. Swift's. Take a look; I'm in the market for a composer!


New York


This place is crazy

Brooklyn, Manhattan



I love the subway

It's 24 hours


Times Square, it's a party

And gay people, too



Throw your hands up


Move your body

(Oh yeah)

It's New York

The city



Everyone here's from somewhere

People from here are cool

Lots of bars and parties

You can live your life

Ha ha


It's got many names

"The Big Apple"