Do not fall in love with this dog. Your heart will be broken. (via Instagram)

Aside from his definitely too-good-to-be-true promise that he's retiring, Justin Bieber has been as much of a terror as ever lately. Between telling a fan she looks like a "beached whale" to sleeping with prostitutes in Brazil, we thought we'd seen the extent of how dastardly he could be over the past few months. We thought nothing he could do would ever shock or horrify us again.


Then, he adopted a puppy.

And we realized nothing and nobody could stop this madman. Considering Bieber's abysmal track record with pets, can't the ASPCA do something? Surely PETA feels allowing a dog to be adopted by Bieber isn't "ethical," with what we know about Bieber's willingness to abandon animals with fans or the German authorities.

For instance, you may remember PAC, the hamster Bieber handed off to a random screaming fan a year ago. He died not long after (the hamster, not the fan). Don't remember PAC? Don't worry, we're sure Bieber doesn't either.

Then, there was OG Mally, the monkey.

Aww, so cute, right? Heartbreaking cute, once you know Mally was seized by German customs officials because Bieber didn't possess the right paperwork when he entered the country in March. Rather than obtain the correct paperwork, Bieber simply abandoned his monkey (to a much better life, probably).

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