Justin Bieber crashed the Chatsworth Charter School's senior prom this weekend.


Yup, that was me. I did that. (via Getty Images)

"OMG! Justin Bieber crashed a prom this weekend and made so many dreams come true!" is a thing that I assume none of the prom dates of the Chatsworth Bieber fans are saying. Because how much would it suck to go through all of the song and (literal) dance to take someone you really like to prom, only to have them gush the rest of the night about how they can hardly Belieb what happened? Plus, there was a lot screaming. Like, a LOT of screaming:

According to Hollywood Life, Bieber was going to a recording studio "located at the same place as the prom," which is why he ended up at the Southern California high school's night to remember. After it happened, Bieber tweeted to the Chatsworth senior prom Twitter account: "always wanted to go to prom. Thanks for having me. :)." Does he realize that when most people go to prom, they don't do it by walking a straight line through the crowd surrounded by an entourage? Then again, I've actually never been to a prom either, so if that is what happens at most proms, I apologize for my mistake.

Also, how long is it going to take until Bieber stars in some direct-to-video prom-crasher movie? Someone has to already be halfway through writing that soulless script, right?

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