Everyone who thinks they're beautiful take a step forward. Not so fast, people who were previously accepted into a dating site exclusively for beautiful people.


Still beautiful, for now. (via BeautifulPeople.com)

Around 3,000 formerly beautiful people had their faces stomped on today when they were removed from a dating website comprised exclusively of beautiful people. Their crime? "Letting themselves go."

According to the NY Daily News, around 3,000 people received an email from the founders of BeautifulPeople.com, letting them know that they had been immediately removed due to "weight gain" and "graceless aging." It is unclear if graceless aging means too much or too little plastic surgery.

Initial acceptance is based on the community; current members get to vote on prospective ones. To gain access to see how their website works, I was forced to sign up and be subjected to judgement on this ridiculous scale. Sorry for the brag, but I'm currently being voted in with a staggering number of "Hmmm OK"s.

Please note, "No" and "Absolutely not" are two distinct measurements of beauty.
(via BeautifulPeople.com)

For my profile photo, I uploaded this picture of a masturbating panda.

Just kidding. I take beauty judgement very seriously.

To ensure you are as beautiful as you portray yourself on the site, BeautifulPeople.com has one man and one woman act as beauty screeners during live events. If you aren't up to their standards, you're out.

That is what apparently happened to around 3,000 members (mostly from the US) who received a crushing email from the website's founders, husband and wife team (aka Cruella Deville and her henchman), Genevieve and Greg Hodge.

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