"Until you go to college do us part."

Brian Scott, NASCAR driver, married Whitney Kay, mom, and in doing so, made her daughter his own. To formalize this union he read vows to little Brielle, as well as his new wife. It's very sweet and everyone in this video is crying like they're at a funeral throughout. This is Brielle's reaction:

Bow hair, don't care. (screengrab via PenWeddings)

I used to work a lot of weddings as a photographer and server. I've seen hundreds of couples say basically the same stuff to each other, over and over and over. Never seen a step-dad take his new role as father so responsibly, at least in the form of a public announcement.


It's clear Brielle loves her new pop pop, but watching her hyper baby mind wander around, bored by her weeping dad, really cracks me up. Adults project so much onto kids. One day Brielle will watch this and cry too, but meanwhile, get this girl some damn cake!

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