Oh, and jetpacks are also pants-wetting terrifying. They're definitely that too.

Guys, we can't say "It's 2015, where's my damn jetpack?" anymore. The jetpacks are HERE.* Well, not here here — the jetpacks are in Dubai. Because obviously, that city of wealth and eternal WTF is the home of operational jetpacks.

The jetpacks belong to Jetman Dubai. The flying team is comprised of professional pilot Yves Rossy, and his protégé, pro-skydiver Vince Reffet, who thankfully is not nicknamed "Jet Boy." After watching that video and learning that they travel at an average speed of 200 km/h, I can only assume that both Rossy and Reffet have had their sense of fear removed by some sort of hypnotist. (If only I could hire the same guy to remove my fear that I will NEVER LOVE AGAIN.)

I can't figure out from the video and website if there's any sort of endgame to Jetman Dubai other than being real cool dudes. But being a really cool dude is a pretty sweet endgame.


* Instead, let's try "It's 2015, where's my damn sustainable power source?" or "It's 2015, where's my damn Sim City 2000-style self-contained-living arco?"

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