Beam me up, Zucky.

It was only a matter of spacetime. (Getty/Thinkstock)

Facebook's F8 Conference is coming up later today. The company is set to announce a number of new projects, including major upgrades to its Messenger app. If the rumors are true, soon you'll be able to use the app to send money, share travel arrangements, edit photos, and more. That might seem impressive, until you see this announcement, accidentally leaked hours early by Facebook itself:

Teleportation Station? That's awesome! I take back every criticism I've ever made of Facebook. I'm willing to sit through a lifetime's worth of unwanted pokes, sappy engagement photos, and annoying comments if it means I can teleport. Imagine looking at your friends' vacation photos, getting jealous, and then BAM! You're in Barbados.

Of course, some party poopers are speculating that this isn't actually a teleportation feature, but just a tool for developers to simulate apps. One slightly less disappointing possibility is that it's a virtual reality feature to take advantage of Facebook's acquisition of Oculus Rift. Who needs that, though? I'm too immersed in Facebook already. I don't need to strap on some giant goggles.


Facebook has really outfoxed themselves with this leak. My expectations are sky high. In fact, if I'm not teleporting around the world by next week, I'm switching to Ello.

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