"Look, son! There was a time before Facebook had everyone and was worth everything." 
(via redditor BoolyBoy)

Redditor BoolyBoy, a dude from Warrnambool, Australia recently renovated his house. Recalling the Internet's fondness for time capsules, he took a sharpie to his soon-to-be-covered hardwood floors and left a series of facts from April 6, 2014 for the home's future owners to discover when they inevitably decide that hardwood floors look better. In BoolyBoy's defense, apparently his house is virtually all hardwood except for some asbestos-containing linoleum that they're also covering up (still seems weird to me).

That home price ($276k in USD) is going to make someone feel either great pity or rage.

Both he and everyone who commented on this were excited by the concept of some future parent having to explain what a Facebook is and why 1.6 billion people thought it was a good idea. Or, perhaps equally as likely, why there was a point in history when the other billions of people on the planet weren't legally required to be registered on it. Even not being from the future, I learned some things, like that Australia contains cars with the most retro names imaginable, like the Holden Commodore, which I imagine is built out of hunting caps and runs on BASIC.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor BoolyBoy