These women might not have an inner black woman busting out.


Lifetime has a new show, Girlfriend Intervention, which claims to take "BW"s ("Basic Women", read: WHITE) and give them a black mind and body makeover because, in their current white status, they are a "red hot mess." As it is summed up in the tagline: "Trapped inside every white woman is a strong black woman ready to bust out." (Video below.)

Putting aside the humor that I hope Lifetime intended, this tag line is easily insulting to women of both races. Plus, it begs the question, where the hell are the black women inside Asians and Latinas?

Nevertheless, the show has produced four Fairy Blackmothers (or whatever the fuck they call themselves) to help these tragic white women in the areas of home, style, beauty, and soul. This is obviously modeled after Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but it doesn't acknowledge that inspiration in the title, probably because calling it Black Eye for the White Woman doesn't quite roll off the tongue the same way.

Phoebe Robinson's YouTube video, The Intervention, bears the description, "After watching Lifetime's new show, Jessica & Phoebe are inspired to help the white women of New York." But, what is really meant is, "After watching Lifetime's new show, Jessica & Phoebe are horrified that something like this could make it onto television and are inspired to point out how bizarre and racist it is by bringing it's theories into the real world."