by Dan Abromowitz

Like Twilight before it, The Hunger Games series was a record-breaking smash hit for both print and screen, inspiring scores of cash-in imitators and creating Barnes & Noble sections like "Teen Paranormal Romance." As the first Divergent movie hits theaters, though, the plucky-female-protagonist-upends-totalitarian-future-society model ("Teen Murder Dystopia") has officially peaked, and it's time for something entirely new to shake up the world of young adult fiction. Based on a careful study of teen trends, here are some prototypes for what the next trendsetting blockbuster might look like:


Teen College - It's Fariah Fairchild's 15th birthday, and she's just been accepted to Sprouse University, the world's first and only all-teen college, where the provost, bursar, and ombudsman are all named Aiden. For Fariah, it's a dream come true: brilliant tenured teen professors, hunky teen law students (teens studying teen law), and sprawling quads half-assedly maintained by an all-teen grounds crew. But she'll soon find teen college isn't all parties and constant statutory offenses: the school's multi-billion dollar endowment is in jeopardy thanks to heinous mismanagement by university president Shane "Who Gives A Fuck" Fink, her favorite professor's on the chopping block for turning 20, and 3G on campus is super spotty. Can Fariah survive finals, heartbreak, and the permanent neurological damage binge drinking inflicts on the developing brain to make it to graduation?