This is the video they played when they revealed "Scotty" was just a prank.

Did your summer job have some of the worst coworkers you've ever encountered? They may have been actors hired to be jerks by the company you worked for. That's definitely the case if your summer job was as an associate for Edelson, LLC. Jay Edelson himself hired actor Jesse Thurston to pose as a member of the firm's summer class. He wanted Thurston to pretend to be named Scotty Larson, to meet the other associates, and then to "f**k with them."

Sadly, there's no hidden camera footage because apparently that's illegal in Illinois (guess we have to trust the lawyers on that one). But I imagine the reaction of the other associates wasn't that funny anyway, since they'd have to pretend not to hate Scotty or risk looking like they had a hard time working with difficult people. Apparently, the summer associates all fell for the prank, which is reasonable since it's pretty hard to believe the firm actually did something so weird. Edelson says they did it as an icebreaker, and the summer associates were all good sports.

This gives me hope some of my past coworkers were actually pranks, too.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Above the Law