The 'whale' in her not very natural habitat.

#Whaling is the new, dumb Vine trend that the kids are doing, and it's perfectly okay. Vine memes are fine if they don't hurt anybody or piss off strangers caught unawares. Just like they said in the breakdancing movies from the 80's, if they weren't doing this they'd be out robbing people or doing those drugs. So sure, kids, go ahead and pretend to be whales breaching the ocean surface for 6 seconds.

Clcik the sound in the top-left corner of each Vine below if you'd like to hear the occasional whale call, or at least some hushed giggling.

It seems to be especially ideal for girls with long hair to get that slo-mo, cascading ocean spray effect. 

Look, as internet memes go, this is perhaps the most benign we could hope for. We had planking, gallon smashing, tranqing (the one where kids shot tranq darts at their friends), trach-ing (the one where kids performed six-second tracheotomies on their friends), and fracking (the one where kids drilled into the Marcellus shale to access natural gas so they could spray it at their friends).

This is youths engaging in elegant choreography, often silent save for when they add in the high-pitched whale call, but on the whole bothering no one. It's stupid, yes. And that's why it's on the Internet. It's the place for stupid.








(by Bob Powers)

Sources: h/t Daily Dot | BuzzFeed