Yep, that's a dude. 

BREAKING: After an intense 10-minute investigation, a team of the brightest scientific minds at Happy Place has confirmed that the shadowy figure appearing on the surface of the Moon is that of a human being. The Moonwalker was spotted by an explorer named Jasenko using the Google Earth's image map of the Moon landscape, then posted to YouTube by wowforreel, someone we're assuming is also an esteemed scientist.

Others have concluded that, because there is no atmosphere on the Moon, and therefore no oxygen, there is a zero percent chance of the figure being a human. However, as Happy Place's Chief Forensic Cosmologist points out in a leaked memo obtained by me,"[the figure] has legs just like a dude, and appears to be, like, walking around."

Of course, NASA and the U.S. government would like you to believe that the figure is the result of a trick of light, a camera glitch, or a hoax. If that sounds familiar, it should. Because it's the same thing they said about Bigfoot.

(by Jonathan Corbett)


Sources: Metro UK