President Thomas J. Whitmore: basically the male Laura Roslin.

It's the slow month of August, 90s nostalgia is hitting full swing this decade, and you could use some simple "if this famous person did what another famous person did" joy. Here's a nineties-tastic mashup of Gilbert Gottfried doing Bill Pullman's iconic speech from 1996's Independence Day, where he informs a ragtag army of drifters from the American Southwest that they and a montage of foreigners are about to fly planes from the 1970s and 80s against an interstellar fleet of city-destroying spaceships that are several kilometers in diameter. (The montage of foreigners is later and includes some Egyptians who have chosen a spot about 1000 yards from the Pyramids to regroup—and if I was avoiding aliens, the Pyramids would be the last place I'd go.)


Gilbert Gottfried, of course, is not just from the 90s, but to this day he is best known for his role in 1992's Aladdin as Iago, the pet parrot of the villain Jafar (to be honest, I think he's best known as the voice of the Aflac duck, but let's not be dicks about it). I would imagine it's been a tough two weeks of teary people asking him to do lines from Aladdin, although if I ever meet him, I'm still going to ask him to do the Aristocrats. Here's the original video below:

According to the description on the Gilbert Gottfried speech's video, it was edited by Jordan vanDina, produced by Chuckle Squad, sponsored by Cards Against Humanity, and the audio is from Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast. So, you know, good luck figuring that out.

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