Men get to have #DadBods, we get this.

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Honestly, I shave my pits from personal preference. That's how it should be. If you have to live with the daily discomfort of having a muffler in your pit or the daily nuisance of shaving your stubblies, it's your decision. Every once in a while, this seems to come up for discussion again and, boy, do people get worked up about it. I remember when Paula Cole dared to appear at the VMAs to perform "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" and people lost their sh*t over her patches.

Haha, 1998. Anyway, the cycle has come again, seemingly sparked by a Chinese armpit hair competition. Now women all over Weibo (China's answer to Facebook) are posting their armpit selfies.

Flaunt 'em if you got 'em. (via BBC)

Pretty much any time a celebrity flashes those pits it's news, so it's cool to see regular ladies being like, "Hey, this is normal, lay off." When Jemima Kirke appeared on the red carpet with her sweat sponges showing it set so many people off she had to tweet at them to Shut It.

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