It's just not possible for Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo to be everything if two days prior a terrified squirrel's reaction to being stuck on a merry-go-round was everything. Unless the terrified squirrel looked at Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo and declared, "I yield. I am nothing," this is paradox and it's dangerous to all of life and world.

Impossible! If a compilation video of celebrities impersonating other celebrities is everything, it means that Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo and terrified squirrel's reaction to a merry-go-round are both mere insignificant specks in the vast universe that is this compilation video of celebrities impersonating other celebrities. But Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo asserts that it is, in fact, the whole, and terrified squirrel and celebrities impersonating celebrities compilation are the parts, the specks, the children staring up at the stars wondering if anyone is staring back from some other unknown part of Peter Dinklage's yearbook photo. Meanwhile, terrified squirrel still posits itself as God, man, and all.

Sources: BuzzFeed