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Working the overnight shift at a Waffle House probably comes with significantly more lousy stories than good ones.  Odds are, some guy craving a Texas bacon patty melt at 3 AM is more likely drunk or hiding from the cops than a hungry good samaritan. So it must have been a pleasant surprise for Shaina Brown, a single mother of three, when one of her customers left a $1500 tip on Mother's Day, telling her to give $500 to woman sitting nearby, and keep $1000 for herself.

He told Brown, "You have a good spirit," then vanished in a taxi cab like a prince with onion breath.

Everyone was happy. Everyone, that is, except the Waffle House, who refused to give Shaina the money, citing a policy against happiness generated by large tips on credit cards. Their bummer of a policy stems from the fact that guys who sign off on large sums of money after midnight often have a change of heart when they sober up and their wives want to know what the hell has been going on at the Waffle House.

But why should someone paying with a credit card be the waitress's problem? Not a lot of people are walking into Waffle House at 3 AM with thousands of dollars in cash.

“I feel like they stole from me,” Brown told Josh Shaffer of the Charlotte Observer. “They did exactly what they teach us not to do.” 

So Shaffer used his investigative skills to track down the anonymous tipper, a Raleigh businessman who didn't want to be named, but was happy to make out a personal check to Shaina.

So it wound up being a happy ending. Except for the woman who got screwed out of $500, thanks to Waffle House and their policy against happy endings.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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