Looks better at night. (via)


Working the overnight shift at a Waffle House probably comes with significantly more lousy stories than good ones.  Odds are, some guy craving a Texas bacon patty melt at 3 AM is more likely drunk or hiding from the cops than a hungry good samaritan. So it must have been a pleasant surprise for Shaina Brown, a single mother of three, when one of her customers left a $1500 tip on Mother's Day, telling her to give $500 to woman sitting nearby, and keep $1000 for herself.

He told Brown, "You have a good spirit," then vanished in a taxi cab like a prince with onion breath.

Everyone was happy. Everyone, that is, except the Waffle House, who refused to give Shaina the money, citing a policy against happiness generated by large tips on credit cards. Their bummer of a policy stems from the fact that guys who sign off on large sums of money after midnight often have a change of heart when they sober up and their wives want to know what the hell has been going on at the Waffle House.

But why should someone paying with a credit card be the waitress's problem? Not a lot of people are walking into Waffle House at 3 AM with thousands of dollars in cash.

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