Two of the awesomest science guys on YouTube — one in Australia and one in the US — teamed up to see whether toilets flush differently in different hemispheres, and they did it in the coolest way possible.

Just two cool dudes hanging out in the bathroom for SCIENCE. (via YouTube)

Derek Muller (aka Veritasium on YouTube) lives in Sydney, Australia. Destin Sandlin (SmarterEveryDay on YouTube) lives in Huntsville, Alabama. Both have totally rad channels where they do cool experiments and explain the science behind how our world works. In that spirit, the two decided to pair up to finally prove, 100% fo sho (aka "for sure"), whether or not water goes down the drain the opposite direction in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. To do this, the gentlemen set up the exact same experiment on opposite sides of the globe. Then they each created a video of the experiment that's meant to be synced up with the other video, so you can watch both experiments at once.

Both videos are below. You can play them both at the same time on your phone, or you can watch them on a laptop or desktop later if you want to view them side by side. In order to do so, open up another copy of this article in a new window, and scale down the windows so you can move them next to each other.


Sources: h/t Digg