It is no Bill Murray, but it will do. (via FB)


"I've dreamed about a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could NOT wait to post these! Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!" 

This is something you would expect the bride to write when posting her wedding photos on Facebook (well, maybe not the 'pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime' part, unless she has been studying divorce rates), but it wasn't the bride posting, it was the wedding photographer, Colleen Niska.

In what appears to be a new tradition of taking natural disaster wedding photos, Niska managed to snap some really cool shots when two tornadoes touched down near Outlook, in Saskatchewan, Canada, which is about an hour away from where she was photographing a couple's wedding.

According to CTV, the tornados didn't really disrupt the reception, aside from blowing a tent over. Not a bad trade for some amazing pictures. 

Sources: CTV News | h/t Gawker