Some people miss obvious things because of cancer. Others are just unaware of the ground.

Put together by two New York City comedians, How May We Hate You comes from the very funny Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe who collect stories from their day jobs as concierges for Times Square's greatest (read: most touristy) hotels. Keep an eye on this Tumblr, because their stories seem to be updated very frequently, perhaps being fed by other area hotel employees.

This is not a story about New York City. This is a story about idiots. Idiots who just happened to be visiting New York City. You do not need to live in an urban, or even suburban area to understand that the question "The C train... is that, like, a bus?" is stupid. It is, in defiance to everything our elementary school teachers taught us, a stupid question.

That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface and describe the variety of obtuseness that the Times Square area—kind of like an urban Bermuda Triangle where cool mysteriously vanishes—can generate. A great updated take on a subject similar to the early great workplace conplaint tumblrs like Please Fire Me and Customer Service HellHow May We Hate You seems destined to live among those great websites that have made us temporarily grateful that there is at least one job worse than ours.

Who do you think was passing Snowden's leaks to the Guardian? Damn you, Ava!

Although they were unaware of it, the concierge had just passed a very important test.

Is a block really a block if you never cross the street? *bongos & snapping*

When I read this, I imagine Mayor Bloomberg waking up screaming in a cold sweat.


They could have called it "Eating A Croissant Outside Of Tiffany's" but that sounds bad.

New York City, pop. 8.5 million: birthplace of punk, hip hop, and that one cool Starbucks.

Check out way, way more hilarious stories over at How May We Hate You.

(by Johnny McNulty)

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