You will not see me make a "did not see that coming" joke. Wait... dammit.

Among the many heinous crimes attached to the symbols of the Nazi regime, we may be able to add ruining 25¢ toy vending machines for kids. Tulsa, OK mom Leona Kelly says she always gives her kids a quarter to buy something at the toy dispensers when she takes him on errands, but after getting a plastic ring with the eagle and swastika of the Third Reich (along with three inoffensive toy dinosaurs the boy also bought—sounds like he's getting more than a single quarter, to me), she may not let him do it anymore. Those monsters.


"You don't want to know what my reaction was," said Kelly. But I kind of do. It involved a lot of yelling, though, which seems appropriate. Local ABC affiliate KOKI in Tulsa interviewed Kelly and spoke to the managers of Family Dollar, who said they don't stock the vending machines, but have had issues with the supplier in the past. Like...Nazi problems? Clearly, questions remain, but the most important one is that raised by Leona Kelly: "It was made for a vending machine, I just don't understand why."

The suppliers, for their part (who have no company name, merely phone and Tax ID numbers), gave "no comment" except to say that they would remove the rings "in a few days." Like, oh, yeah...those rings. Sure, we can remove those rings. The Nazi rings. The rings with the Nazi symbols. Those rings.

Sources: ABC13