The president sat down with writer David Simon to discuss the consequences of the war on drugs.

You know your friend who won't stop talking about how great The Wire is? The one who's always trying to get you to watch the whole series, but you keep putting it off? Well, what if your friend was the president? Would you watch it then?

It turns out, President Obama is a huge Wire fan, so much so that he decided to invited the show's creator, David Simon, to the White House for an on-camera conversation. This isn't just some entertainment reporter fluff piece, though, where Obama asks Simon about McNulty's on-set pranks. They had a point to get across.

For anyone who's not aware, The Wire is a show about the drug trade in inner-city Baltimore, based on Simon's experiences as a police reporter there. The show follows drug dealers and police equally, and humanizes both sides. It addresses the destructive effect drugs have on inner-city communities, but also the destructive effect of the techniques used to police drugs, and the prison system itself.


President Obama is working to reform drug enforcement and the prisons, so he felt that a conversation with the man who brought all of this to the attention of America's well-to-do HBO watchers would be beneficial. I think it's a good idea, even if it just gets more people to watch The Wire. It's way better than whatever you're watching now, trust me.

Sources: The White House