Yes, it's fake. Yes, it's a parody. Yes, it's really good.

One day we will all tell our grandkids harrowing stories of The Tweet Wars, those few days in late November / early December 2013 when it seemed like every day there was another bloody battle conducted entirely via tweets and favs, and then when the smoke cleared and we surveyed the wreckage, we found out they were all fake.


Including Diane in 7A, the airplane note-passing war that was live-tweeted on Thanksgiving to wild popularity, and then the Internet gradually teased out that it was probably faked to grab some publicity for Elan Gale, its reality TV producing author. Even before the authenticity was being questioned, the content of the fake notes being passed made it hard to figure out who to root for in the one-sided tale. Gale described the kind of entitled passenger we've all encountered and silently loathed. But in his purported retaliation, Gale came off as unnecessarily hostile and bullying, especially with the infamous "Eat my dick" line, which doesn't do a lot to elevate one's position in a battle of social mores. 

Enter Samm Levine, actor and former star of Freaks and Geeks. Samm got swept up in the "Diane in 7A" frenzy and backlash just like the rest of us, and took the opportunity of a recent flight (Yes, he claims he was really on a flight) to manufacture his own "Diane in 7A" story, which calls out all the grossness of the original. It's perfect in its breakdown of what Gale got wrong in his grab for web fame (though there's one minor mix-up concerning how diabetics use insulin — someone in need of insulin would have high blood sugar, not low. But I nitpick!).

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