These three friends are having a competition to find the people who look most like them, and they're having some success.

Harry, Niamh and Terence gave themselves a month to find their "Twin Stranger," a person who looks so like them they could have grown in the same womb, but to whom they're not actually related.


According to their website, "They say there are 7 people in the world who look exactly like you." Using social media, they're calling for people who think they look like either Harry, Niamh or Terence to come forward, potentially so they can find a doppelgänger on every continent. Why? Unclear. My guess is they just knew talking about how we look and who looks like us gets people excited and their project would get a lot of attention. People have certainly done weirder things for Internet fame.

Whatever is going on, they've had some success! The best they've discovered so far is Niamh's look-a-like, Karen. The two actually lived quite close to each other and were able to meet and stare into their human mirror.

Could this just be a new Dove Beauty experiment where women are asked if someone who looks just like them is beautiful and they say yes, but when asked if they're beautiful, they say no?

"Which one of us is me?" (screengrab via YouTube)

There's no prize for their contest, just pride and knowing for sure that if you're ever accused of robbing a bank you can point to your double and cast some reasonable doubt.

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