We see the resemblance.

Hey, Turkish protestors: you have no idea how deep your nation's problems go. You're worried about conservative Islam, but meanwhile customs officials are letting 9-year-old British girls, who might very well be adorable terrorists, into the country on unicorn passports. Emily Harris (pictured above) entered the country with her mother and father, who didn't realize until it was too late that they had grabbed the wrong passport.

Instead of Emily's passport, they took a Build-A-Bear Workshop passport belonging to her stuffed unicorn, Lily, who among other differences from Emily has purple hair and a horn and is a stuffed unicorn. Though Lily's passport should really only give her access to cuddle in any country in the world, Emily got through customs easily, even getting a stamp over a picture of a bear inside Lily's passport. Man, now that we know it's so easy to get into Turkey, we're still going to stay the hell away until they sort out all this Taksim Square stuff.


We're guessing they would have stamped a piece of toilet paper.



The sad thing is that Lily would have loved Turkey.

Sources: Daily Mail