Drop it like it's got no air resistance.

For everyone who thinks Cleveland rocks, here's another reason: It's the home of NASA's Space Power Facility. That's a giant silo that usually holds 30 tons of air (30 tons? That takes a little away from the description that something is lighter than air), but when activated, it becomes a giant vacuum chamber containing only 2 grams of air.

They usually use the vacuum chamber to test effects on spacecraft, but in this segment from BBC's Human Universe, Brian Cox uses it to demonstrate the grade school lesson that if you were to drop a feather and a bowling ball at the same time, without air resistance, they would fall at the same rate.

They start doing the spaceship-style countdown to the drop at 2:45.

Brian describes the phenomenon by explaining that Einstein theorized that the reason the ball and feathers appear to drop at the same time is because neither of them are falling at all.

That's heavy. Or as Einstein would probably say, it's warped.

(by Myka Fox)