Move over, dick pics, it's time for vagina selfies.


It works like this, but in your vagina.

Now you can send live footage of this vibrator going up into your crotch and give yourself or your partner the view that no one has ever asked for during sex.

With a name reminiscent of receiving bad news from your doctor, the "Svakom Gaga USB Rechargeable Camera Intimate View Endoscope Vibrator" is the newest in personal photography. It is the perfect tool to either end a relationship or begin a career in the medical profession.

Basically, it is a selfie stick you can use as a dildo, or a dildo you can use as a selfie stick.

In many ways, it is a normal vibrator with a host of stimulation patterns and the ability to increase or decrease the strength, but what turns this from an ordinary sex toy into something you can use to play doctor is the camera at the tip accompanied by LED lights.

Personally, I want to see the inside of my crotch about as much as I'd want to be awake during open heart surgery, but apparently this is a turn on for some people? Or maybe it's a stop-gap before finally trudging to the gynecologist.

My only regret is that I have but one vagina of which to take a selfie.

In the above video we have a nice woman explaining how it works, but LovehoneyTV has actually uploaded footage from the vagina selfie stick in use. My editor is now a permanently changed and horrified person from having watched this, so far be it from me to deny you that same experience.

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