It's a boy! (via Erik Guzman/Imgur

On Friday, an american exchange student got himself trapped in a giant stone sculpture of a vulva on a dare at Tübingen University Institute of Microbiology in Tübingen, Germany. There wasn't enough lube in the world. 

Erik Guzman was on the scene and said, "He just wanted to get a funny picture."

Erik ended up being the one to get the funny pictures, and posted them on Imgur.   

According to Metro, the student's foot got stuck and, after trying to free himself, ended up calling for assistance. Five firetrucks rushed 22 firemen to the scene. 

If that's all it takes to get 22 firemen to rush over... (via Erik Guzman/Imgur)

Guzman stated that the student ended up being embarrassed. You think you're embarrassed? How do you think the vagina feels now that you've made it go viral?

(by Myka Fox)


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