1. Scandal.

Everybody has had a night when they've had one too many fishbowls of wine, then taken to Facebook so vaguely allude to some dark pain, unspecified triumph, or ambiguous plans for the future. It's embarrassing in the morning, but that's why Mark Zuckerberg programmed a delete button. Television characters take the drama to the next level, because that's their job, and they ain't deleting nothing. Here's a round-up of some of your favorite protagonists' most attention hungry posts.

2. Game of Thrones.

Like, like, like.

3. Empire.

Why are you even friends?

4. House of Cards.

The writing was LITERALLY on the wall.

5. Black Mirror.

Huh, never saw this.

6. Downton Abbey.

Edith should just block her whole family, already.

7. Game of Thrones. Again. Get it together, guys.

8. The Slap.