Baby's first high-speed race. (via)

A lot of babies are conceived in a parking lot, not so often born in one.

Kristin Dickerson of Rosenberg, Texas, went into labor in the middle of the night after 42 long weeks of pregnancy (humans usually only gestate for 38 weeks.) Her husband, Troy Dickerson, did what any husband would do: strap a GoPro to his head and document the 95 mile an hour race to the hospital. 

Being so far overdue you would think the baby would be fine waiting for the one man camera crew to assemble, but all along the drive we can hear Kristen screaming, "I can't make it!" and asking for him to pull over. You know how dudes are about stopping on the road, though, Troy insisted they could make it to the hospital and they do -- just barely. Kristen is barely out of the car when the baby decides enough is enough. Kristen delivers the baby Truett into Troys arms right outside of the hospital, with a team of nurses arriving at the very last moments. 

The whole thing is caught on camera. It's a ten minute video, I suggest watching the initial car excitement and then skipping to the birth action five minutes in. Don't worry, the explicit bits have been censored but it is very easy to follow the action. 

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