Granny get your gun.

20-year-old James Fry was outrunning the police when one grandma decided to deliver some vigilante justice


Becky Powell, a 40-year-old bartender and grandmother of three, was driving with her husband and son when she saw Fry running from the cops. She told her husband that the cops were never going to catch him, so he husband sped up to get ahead of Fry. 

Then, without stopping, Powell jumped out of the car. 

Tuck and roll, grandma. 

"I got into a football stance and said, 'You're going to stay here,'" Powell told the Tri-City Herald. "He stiff-armed me and I just wrapped him up and threw him on the ground."

As the two fell, Powell grabbed onto his pants and underwear, exposing his little tushie. Dude got pantsed by grandma. 

Another man joined Powell to help her pin Fry down just before the cops caught up and were able to cuff him. Powell took the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings into Fry's ear.

"How does it feel to be taken down by a mother of five and a grandmother of three?"

Powell told the Tri-City Herald that Fry was not amused.

The police said they were appreciative of Powell's efforts, but that they "don't want to have people get involved because they can get hurt."

An understandable concern, but Powell managed to head up three generations in four decades all while bar tending at a place called Jokers. The only people getting hurt here are the police and their egos. 

Sources: Tri-City Herald | h/t Gawker