"I need a price check on a studio apartment." (via CBS DFW)

To most guys, the thought of being inside a Walmart for one minute longer than it takes to get your Brita filters and 8-pack of underwear is absolute torture. But one 14-year-old boy in Texas was so comfortable in Walmart that he lived there for four days in a couple of customized apartments that would make the average New Yorker jealous.

For a kid his age, the plan was pretty solid; live rent free at the 24-hour Walmart in spaces crafted out of boxes in two different aisles. He had access to all the food he could eat and even grabbed a pet fish to keep him company, which is pretty ballsy considering that many actual apartments don't allow you to have pets.

The kid may have gotten the idea from the Natalie Portman movie Where the Heart Is, in which she lives inside a Walmart after being dumped by her boyfriend. It's actually kind of surprising that Walmart hadn't already picked up on the idea and started renting out shelf space to people looking to live the Walmart lifestyle. 

Sources: Uproxx | CBS DFW