Someone captured Congresswoman Eleaner Holmes Norton doing an embarrassingly bad parking job.


This video would be funny if anybody was in that car. But the fact that the driver is 13-term Washington, D.C. g is too perfect. I guess Rep. Norton never got on board with the idea of angled parking. You can see her wedge her Ford sedan perpendicular to the curb between two properly parked cars. One of the onlookers points out that she nicked the red SUV to her left a number of times. However, when that gawker says that her parking means she shouldn't be in Congress anymore, I have to disagree strongly.

Rep. Norton should absolutely be in Congress. A veteran of the Civil Rights movement, Norton has been a passionate supporter of racial and gender equality for her entire career. She is extremely popular in her native D.C., and has campaigned throughout her congressional career for the district to have equal voting rights in the federal legislature. She herself is technically a non-voting member of Congress, which seem outrageous considering she represents a city of more than 650,000 people. If you ask me, Rep. Norton should continue to serve for many years to come, and she should absolutely be allowed to vote. She just shouldn't be allowed to drive.

Can't we get someone to drive her around? For her own sake? We need to keep her safe so she can keep giving Stephen Colbert a hard time on his new show.

Here are a few of her hilarious appearances on 'The Colbert Report':

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